Ants are one of the most popular insects. They belong to the Division of Arthropods and the Laryngeal Class. It has more than 22,000 species. It accounts for 20% of the living on the Earth’s surface. Each individual confronts one million. Ant cause a problem for the housewife since their bite is considered dangerous for the children. In this article, we will review some ways to get rid of the #ant at home.

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Ants Life cycle

  1. Mating occurs in the air and often occurs between members of different colonies.
  2. After mating, the vaccinated queen descends to earth again and the first thing she does is to free herself from her wings and she does this by moving its winds back and up, and rubbing them with the stems of the plants or with her legs until she breaks them, changes her instincts, moves away from daylight, and rushing underground.
  3. The Queen takes a number of sperms from the king to be enough for her for the rest of her life.
  4. When the queen gets rid of her wings, she usually does one of three things:
  • Return to her original nest.
  • Enter another nest instead of her original nest
  • Build a new nest for itself.
  1. The queen digs a gap and remains in isolation until she prepares to lay eggs.
  2. The queen lives during this period, which may last for several months on food stored in her body.
  3. The queen begins to lay eggs.
  4. When hatching eggs, the queen feeds the resulting larvae and take care of the first generation of workers who take care of the rest of brood.
  5. The female workers increase and they take care of queens and males, and the sect is formed.
  6. After the workers leave, the first thing that the queen does is to get out of the ground to can connect to the outside world.
  7. The queen spends the rest of her life laying eggs, leaving her workers to perform all the other jobs the nest needs.
  8. The queen lives long and specializes in succession a group of workers who feed her and take care of the nest through a liquid back from the mouths of the queen.

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Facts about Ants:

  1. The length of ant is from 2 mm to 25 mm.
  2. It have a large head in comparison to their body size.
  3. It have an oval belly and small waist.
  4. Most of the colony is made up of workers that cannot mate.
  5. The queen produces a large number of eggs that can be estimated in millions.
  6. The behavior of ants is one of the most complex social ant’s behavior among insects.
  7. Crocodile jaw is greater than the ant jaw, but the ant jaw is much stronger than crocodile jaw compared to its size.

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How to get rid of Ants?

Want to know a secret? you can get rid of Ants easily because you can kill them by using materials in your kitchen cabinets such as:

  • White vinegar: Mix an equal amount of white vinegar and water, then pour the mixture in a spray bottle, add any kind of essential oils, and Jerk the bottle well until the ingredients are mixed together, then spray the areas where the ants come in. After an hour, wipe the area with a damp paper towel to get rid of the dead ants.

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  • Cinnamon: Put half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder in a glass of water, then wet a clean cotton piece with the mixture, and wipe out all the places where the ants Repeat this process once a day until you will get rid of all the ants.

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  • Lemon: Wipe the windows, doorsteps and places where the ants are with fresh lemon juice. And for another way, put some drops of lemon juice on a piece of clean cotton and leave it in all the places where the ants are, or you can spread small slices of fresh lemon peel.

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  • Cucumber Peel: Peel a few grains of cucumber, then put a piece of peel in all areas where the ants are, and repeat this process daily as you will put fresh cucumber in all places until the ants disappear completely.

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How to exterminate Ants:

  • Take care to clean all food stains from the ground directly, especially the residues of desserts, and juices.
  • Close tightly food jams especially used to store honey and sugar.
  • Cover the foods that are left on the kitchen table and do not leave any unclean dishes inside the tub.


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