Cockroaches will still roam the earth long after humanity ends, but this fact does not mean they have to walk around your house for a long time. Cockroaches can be attacked but it is necessary to identify the species that live in your home first. Many people do not know that there are four types of domestic cockroaches that are classified as pests, and it will be much easier to treat the problem if you know the type of cockroach you are treating with. So, in this article we will tell you dear readers, about types of domestic cockroaches and other details, follow us.

Definition of the Cockroaches:

They are one of the nocturnal insects, which are in the order of reptiles, characterized by their small size and are abundant in sewage, baths, garbage, and dirty places, and they can live without food for six months.

Types of domestic cockroaches:

  • Striped brown cockroaches: These cockroaches grow to a length of 1.6 cm and are one of the smallest cockroaches. To better understand the size, the length of the brown striped cockroach is close to the size of the coin (without sensor horns of course).
  • German cockroaches: These cockroaches are larger than the Striped brown cockroaches. It can grow to a length of 1.25 cm and is almost the same as the size of the coin (we remind you again that this is without sensor horns).
  • American cockroaches: This species of cockroaches are very large and they can grow to a length of 5 cm. If you put the cockroach next to a coin, the coin will occupy about 3/4 the body of these cockroaches.
  • Eastern cockroaches: The eastern cockroaches can grow to a length of 2.5, slightly larger than a small coin, and have a tubular shape that does not differ greatly from head to bottom. Female Eastern cockroaches are larger than their males.

The lifecycle of cockroaches

The life cycle of the cockroach insect includes three distinct phases: the egg, the nymph, and the mature insect.

  • The Egg phase: The egg phase begins when the eggs are placed in portfolios, each of which can include about 40 eggs. These portfolios are either hidden in a safe place or carried on the back of cockroaches until they hatch.
  • The nymph phase: the phase of the nymphs begins when cockroaches come out of the eggs with their ugly bodies. During this phase, the cockroaches pass through successive phases of forming the skin, which causes them to change their colors. These nymphs continue to evolve.
  • The final phase: This phase begins to emerge as more mature insects until they are fully mature and reach their final form. Many cockroaches have wings during this phase. The newly mature insects may look like nymphs except for one thing the presence of wings. Since a single female may carry 40 eggs together.


Causes of the presence of cockroaches at home

There are many openings in the house, allowing the entry of cockroaches and various insects, they being:

  • The accumulation of garbage: not getting rid of garbage daily and leaving it throughout the night, especially if it contains food or preserves, can cause the emergence of cockroaches at home.
  • Keeping the surfaces open and moist: this environment is good for gathering cockroaches.
  • Leave the dirty dishes in the kitchen sink for a long time.
  • Leaving unused wooden parts in the house: these parts attract cockroaches to live in search of warmth.
  • Leave foods exposed, in places that are not closed.

How to get rid of cockroaches

There are a lot of easy ways can help you to get rid of cockroaches like:

  • Using the paste of the Boric: which is sold in pharmacies to kill cockroaches, and can be prepared at home by bringing half a packet of powder of boric acid, and a teaspoon of powdered milk, and two tablespoons of sugar, and mixing ingredients well, then put it where cockroaches appear at home, and put the paste for two weeks especially on the drawers, under the oven, and cupboards.
  • Using an insecticide: spray the pesticide in places where the cockroaches gather, and follow the instructions on the box.
  • Put the foods that attract cockroaches:  this way leads to eating them, and transferred to the rest of the cell in place of existence, and thus easy to eliminate.
  • Put a trap for cockroaches, and add an adhesive to it.
  • Spray poisonous liquids concentrated on cockroaches’ whereabouts.
  • Mix the water with soap: this way kills the cockroach in a minute, and to do so must spray water and soap on the cockroach.


How to exterminate cockroaches

To get rid of cockroaches forever, you must:

  • Clean the kitchen from fat; because the cockroaches gather on it.
  • Repair the water taps.
  • Put the naphthalene wipes into the corners of the house.
  • Remove wood from the house, as cockroaches prefer wood to hide from the cold.
  • Close cracks and gaps that are in windows and doors.
  • Throw the trash down.
  • Do not leave foods exposed.
  • Place peel cucumber, lemon, garlic, and peppermint in places where cockroaches gather, they are considered as repellents.

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