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Mouse Control , Little surprising to find most of the articles in our site we talk about how to prevent insects in general and provide tips for our site visitors, we believe that the pest control expert mission is to help others to live in a pest-free environment.

On this page, you will find some tips on how to prevent mouse from entering your property.

Use exclusion and sanitation tactics to get rid of rodents in a safe and cost-effective way. The most effective long-term solution is to keep rodents out in the first place. Measures such as sealing entry points prevent rodents from entering buildings and help you avoid a full-scale invasion.

Follow the tips in the sections below and you will be one step closer to keeping your home permanently free of rats and mouse.

Mouse Control Service Advice

Rats and mouse are not only a nuisance but can also cause property damage and transmit diseases. You’ll know they’ve arrived if you see rodent droppings near a food source or shredded fabric or paper. If you identify rodents, there are several steps to take to ensure permanent removal of these pests.

Removing mouse with traps or poisons will not keep rodents out of your home in the future.

To permanently keep rats and mouse out of your home or business, you will need to prevent access by sealing all possible entry points. It is equally important to eliminate rodent attractions such as food and water by keeping food in tightly sealed containers and repairing leaky pipes.

Mouse Control & Prevention Methods to avoid rodents – rats infestation

  1. Common Sources of Food and Water
  2. Food in unsealed containers such as bags of chips, rice, cereal, crackers, flour, and other non-perishables.
  3. Pet food and water left out overnight or in a bag rather than in a secure container.
  4. Fruits or vegetables in open bowls left outside of the refrigerator.
  5. Leaky pipes or faucets throughout the house.
  6. Open trash and compost containers.

Mouse Control | Common Rodent Access Points

  1. Holes near cabinets, closets or doors leading to the outside or crawl spaces.
  2. Holes around the sink or appliance pipes.
  3. Cracked foundations in the basement or un-screened ventilation holes in the attic, especially in older structures.
  4. Holes around windows or doors.
  5. Missing screens in vents or crawl spaces under buildings.

Mouse Control | Common Rodent Access PointsOutdoor Recommendations For Mouse Control :-

  1. Don’t plant ivy — it provides shelter and a food source for rodents: snails and slugs. Ivy on walls can form “rat ladders” to windows, attics and other interior spaces.
  2. Keep compost piles as far away from structures as possible and grass cut to no more than two inches tall.
  3. Maintain at least a 2 foot space between bushes, shrubs, fences, and buildings. Also, remove tree limbs within 3 feet of a structure or roof.
  4. Avoid having a bird feeder since it provides a source of food for rodents.
  5. Keep outdoor grills and cooking areas clean.
  6. Keep firewood off the ground and as far away from structures as possible to mitigate shelter opportunities.
  7. Use city-issue plastic trash bins. If cracked or missing a lid, contact the Department of Sanitation for a replacement.

Indoor Recommendations for Mouse Control :-

  1. Encase all food items such as breakfast cereals, chips, and crackers in containers.
  2. Opt for garbage bins and compost containers with a top that seals tightly.
  3. Rinse food and beverage containers before discarding or recycling.
  4. Clean your garbage and recycling bins frequently.
  5. Do not leave pet food or water out overnight.
  6. Maintain stove tops clean and free of food scraps.
  7. De-clutter your home of papers, fabric, and any similar materials that attract rodents for nesting.
  8. Repair leaky pipes.
  9. Seal entry points around cabinets, interior walls, attic, and crawl spaces with steel wool, caulk, or 1/4″ x 1/4″ metal mesh.
  10. Maintain attic, crawl spaces, and cabinets near sinks clean and free of moisture.

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